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    Post by GeeWindu on July 16th 2009, 12:55 am

    Music First, Kids Later for 'Idol' Singer
    By: Amber James, PopEater

    Brooke White's upbeat personality would make some wonder if she even realized she got kicked off 'American Idol' during the show's seventh season. Coming down from the whirlwind of her post-'Idol' career, White remains positive about balancing her "intense" music career with her family life, she told PopEater.

    White calculates she was only home three or four weeks from January 2008 to the end of September, when the 'Idol' tour ended. Yet, she's ready to do it all over again.
    Her new album 'High Hopes and Heartbreak' will be released on July 21, and White will be back on the road touring. "I definitely am going to miss being around my family, but right now, its time to roll up my sleeves and work hard, taking advantage of the opportunities 'Idol' has given me," White told PopEater.

    Tell me about your new album. From the title, it sounds pretty emotional.
    "The album is a pretty honest journey through my experiences, whether it be related to life, chasing after dreams or relationships shifting. It's a melting pot of emotions both happy and sad and everything in between. I was deeply entrenched and basically invested pretty much everything I got into this album."

    Did you feel pressure to write and record an album right away while you were still fresh in people's minds?
    "Yes, I felt a lot of pressure, but I didn't feel forced. The truth is once you're done with 'Idol,' the ball is in your court. You have to do what you can to keep it moving. We all know there is this time frame because of the nature of the show. You really have to fight to continue to stay at the forefront of people's minds. Getting to write and going into the studio was such an incredibly positive and fulfilling experience for me. I am sad that part is over. The last day that we recorded, I was like, 'No! Let's just keep going and make another record.'"

    Randy Jackson was actually the co-executive producer on your new album. How did you two sync up?
    "I actually ran into Randy at Guitar Center after the show and that's how this whole thing got started. He was great. He synced me up with Sanctuary Artist Management. The two now co-manage me. I wouldn't have anticipated working with him, but he has been really great to work with and very supportive of me as an artist."

    You're going to be back on the road soon. How are your family, especially your husband, dealing with this?
    "Luckily, I am married to a really solid guy, who is very supportive. It's hard, but we both put forth a lot of effort to stay in communication. It's tricky, but we definitely get through it. In the end, I think we're better off and learned a lot from it, if that makes any sense."

    Do you plan to bring children into the equation or will your career make it too hectic to have kids?
    "We definitely want kids. It's just a matter of timing and well, having the time I suppose."

    Looking back on your Idol experience, do you have any regrets?
    "There are so many of those little things that you have to let go of. You can't control all elements. Things are going to play out the way that they will. I think maybe I would have let go and enjoyed it a little more. I can say that now, but when you're [performing on 'Idol'], it's so intense and challenging... I always tried to give it my best and have very few regrets. It was a crazy, amazing experience."

    In your 'Idol' exit video, you said you probably would have gone further, but you struggled with your confidence. Do you still have these insecurities now?
    "I've improved, but I still struggle with my self-esteem or confidence even after everything I've been able to do and accomplish. It keeps me from ever becoming complacent though. I'll always keep working and trying to improve. I'm like the tortured artist -- I'm never satisfied. [laughs]... But that sensitivity, as much as it's a heavy weight for me, it provides me what I need to be a better artist, communicating through music and connecting with people."

    Found here at PopEater

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